Friday, 12.03.2021

9:00 Beginn der Registration
Die Registration ist während des Meetings geöffnet

Session 1
F. Lohr (Modena), C. Arnold (Innsbruck)

10.00 Address of Welcome
Ute Ganswindt, Innsbruck

10.10 Progress of Radiotherapy, Immunotherapy and their Combination
Andrea Filippi, Pavia

10.40 Different Approaches to Radioimmunotherapy
Franziska Eckert, Tuebingen

11.10 Immunogenicity of Ions and Hypoxia
Piero Fossati, Wiener Neustadt
Sylvia Gruber, Vienna

11.40 Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) in the Elderly
Birgit Weinberger, Innsbruck

Lunch Break

Session 2
U. Ganswindt (Innsbruck), G. Pall (Innsbruck)

13.30 Preclinical and Translational Evaluation of RT/IT Combinations
Gabriele Niedermann, Freiburg

14:00 Timing and Sequencing of RT and IT in Real Life Conditions: How often? When?
Elisa D‘Angelo, Modena

14.30 Management of Immunotherapy Side Effects
Annalen Bleckmann, Muenster


15.30 What’s new in CAR-T Cells?
Jakob Rudzki, Innsbruck

16.00 RIT in Neurooncology
Stephanie Combs, Munich

16.30 RIT in Colorectal Carcinoma
Arno Amann, Innsbruck

Networking Reception


Saturday, 13.03.2021

Session 3
S. Combs (Munich), A. Filippi (Pavia)

09.00 RIT for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Panos Balermpas, Zurich

09.30 RIT in Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Andreas Pircher, Innsbruck

10.00 RIT in Urooncology
Isabell Heidegger-Pircher, Innsbruck


11.00 RIT in Melanoma
Georg Weinlich, Innsbruck

11.30 Future Challenges for Clinical Trials

12.00 Summary and Perspectives