Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we decided
to postone the event to September this year.
The agenda is planned to stay the same,
though any possible changes will be announced here.

Dear colleagues,

There is progress in the field of radioimmunotherapy!

Radiochemotherapy followed by the administration of Durvalumab is already standard in treating advanced local lung cancer and the indications for approved immuno-checkpoint-inhibitors are rapidly increasing. Apart from the checkpoint-inhibitors, there are other exciting developments like CAR-T-Cell therapy. In the fast advancing field of oncology, it is vital for all professionals to stay up to date with new developments. The combined application of immunotherapy and radiotherapy is used more frequently in everyday clinical practice. Having a profound knowledge on therapy options and benefits as well as the risks involved in the combination of these therapies is therefore inevitable.

The third symposium on radioimmunotherapy in Innsbruck will cover the fundamental research on well-established areas of clinical application (including the management of adverse effects) as well as the innovative therapeutic approaches of the future.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Innsbruck and hope to make RIT 2021 a memorable experience for you!

C. Arnold, U. Ganswindt, F. Lohr

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